Woldingham Parish Council Vacancies

Webmaster Parish Council

The Woldingham Parish Council has two vacancies. We are a 9-seat Council. New Councillors can be co-opted at any time and we welcome volunteers. We also anticipate additional vacancies in May when our term of service ends. The next Parish Council election is 7th May 2020.  
We are a very diverse Council. We are currently estimated to have the youngest average age in the country, so diverse are we. But we are still light in numbers. Parish Councils across the countries are struggling to find volunteers and some have fallen altogether. A minimum of 5 Councillors is required to legally constitute a Parish Council. If numbers fall below due to resignations in term or lack of volunteers for an initial slate, Parish Councils must disband. Sadly, when Parish Councils must disband, the local level of representation is lost and District Councils assume the local powers. We hope to never face this traumatic challenge in Woldingham.
To learn more about the Council, our activities and your Councillors, come meet us at a drinks evening at the Woldingham Village Club on the 23rd of January from 7.30pm.  
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