Woldingham Road Closure (Wapses Lodge to Haliloo Valley Road) – from 22nd March 2021

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Woldingham RoadStarts Monday 22nd March  – For approximately 5 weeks 
Access to Woldingham will be via the Ridge
This has been timed to take advantage of the school holidays to minimise disruption.
Why are Surrey County Council doing this work?
Many people will recall the flooding of 2013/2014 and the work carried out following this to reduce the flood risk both on the Woldingham Road but also further downstream  in Whyteleafe and the threat to the water treatment plant.
Residents who have lived in the area a great many years talk of a 7 year cycle and this was proven again when since installation we hadn’t experienced another groundwater flooding event until February/March 2020. When this occurred last year, SCC were able to test our lagoons and look at options for any further improvements needed. Following this they have made various amendments such as sluice gate works/ de-silting the ditches/ clearing away vegetation/ building up the bund height on the middle lagoon etc.
The lagoons worked really well in February/March 2020 but it was a very high groundwater event and so we did experience some highway flooding along Woldingham Road. They have identified that the highway drainage along Woldingham Road has some issues and could be improved to help convey the water off the road during normal and heavy rainfall events, giving more resilience to the highway network as these groundwater events can often last weeks, if not months.
The scheduled works will include fixing the existing drainage assets and installing additional gullies and a catchpit in the low spots where water collects on the highway. Installing a new headwall into the ditch to allow the gullies to outfall more efficiently, as well as several large concrete chutes to allow excess water to move off the road more easily etc.
Whilst there will be a short term inconvenience of the road closure I really think it will make an improvement to reduce flooding to the highway and increase highway safety during flood events, especially at the west end of Woldingham Road near the roundabout, as this is a 40 mph blind corner (please see attached photo of flooded road).


SURREY COUNTY COUNCIL IN EXERCISE OF ITS POWERS UNDER SECTION 14 (2) OF The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and of all other enabling powers hereby gives notice that no person shall cause or permit any vehicle to enter or proceed in that length of Woldingham Road (C72) Woldingham from the Wapses Lodge Roundabout eastwards for a distance of 220 metres. Traffic will be diverted via A22 Caterham Bypass, B270 Hillbury Road/Westhall Road, B269 Limpsfield Road, D1360 Slines Oak Road, D1359 Halliloo Valley Road or this route in reverse.

This Notice is required because of likelihood of serious damage to the road and to enable Surrey County Council to carry out flood alleviation works in the length of road described above. This Notice will commence on 22 March 2021 for a period of 21 days, between the hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed.

Access for pedestrians only will be maintained at all times. All other traffic will be required to follow the signed diversion route. In the event that it is necessary to restrict any access at any time, under section 3 of The Act access may only be restricted for a maximum of 8 hours in any 24 hour period.

The prohibition referred to above will not apply: –
a) in respect of anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform;
b) in respect of anything done in accordance with any restriction or requirement indicated by traffic signs placed on the highway by or on behalf of the Police;
c) to any vehicle in connection with the works.

DATED: 22 March 2021
Authorising Officer: R Bolton
Local Highway Services Group Manager
Any Enquiries relating to this notice should be directed to:
Traffic Regulation Orders Team
Surrey County Council – Highways
Hazel House, Merrow Lane
Guildford, Surrey GU4 7BQ
For further information please call 0300 200 1003

AUTHORISED SIGNATORY: Area Network Coordinator

DATE: 8.03.2021

WebmasterWoldingham Road Closure (Wapses Lodge to Haliloo Valley Road) – from 22nd March 2021