Woldingham Parish Council comments on Chalkpit Lane

Webmaster Parish Council, Roads & Transport

Dear Councillor Hodge

I am writing on behalf of a Woldingham Parish Council regarding movement of Chalkpit lorries on Chalkpit Lane, Oxted.

I spoke recently with you at the Woldingham Annual Parish meeting about the increasing number of incidents of chalkpit lorries travelling up and down the steep, narrow, width restricted section of Chalkpit Lane.  Since our discussion, as requested, I have sent on photos as evidence of chalkpit lorry use on this section of the road.

It has come to our attention (via social media) that residents in Oxted are concerned that Surrey County Council may cave under pressure from the Chalkpit owners and not impose a low restriction on daily Chalkpit lorry movements in and out of the quarry.  I must say I was surprised to hear this as I felt from our discussion that you were clear in your desire to source evidence and pursue a good resolution along with Sam Gyimah.  Are you able to reassure us that SCC remain robust in their aim to impose low numbers of lorry movements in and out of the quarry (both for extraction and infill)?

We ask because we are concerned that a solution to reduce lorry movements in Oxted might be to redirect them upwards along the width restricted section of Chalkpit Lane and through Woldingham.

The increasing incidents of lorries using the width restricted section of Chalkpit Lane is a major concern for Woldingham Parish Council.  
The use of the narrow road by such lorries is extremely dangerous.  There are blind bends on the road and sections which are barely wide enough for two cars let alone a heavy duty lorry.  There are multiple incidents of scraped and impaled cars and I would image most frequent users of Chalkpit Lane have a regular story to report of wide vehicle road blockage.  Additionally Chalkpit Lane and The Ridge are not roads designed to carry such articulated loads and this usage must surely be contributing to the poor road conditions.
The use of this road by wide vehicles including the Chalkpit lorries is a blatant disregard for the legal width restriction which exists on this road.  Stronger measures are clearly required to reduce wide vehicle usage and improve road safety.

As part of your review of the Chalkpit situation Woldingham Parish Council ask that you consider the need for:

  • a clear ‘no left turn’ rule for lorries coming out of the quarry including fines levied on the quarry and haulage companies for violation
  • better signage of the width restriction top and bottom
  • a revisit of any potential road calming, width restricting measures that can be implemented on that section of road
  • monitoring of lorries going down Chalkpit Lane from The Ridge with deterrent fines levied to offenders

Woldingham Parish Council would like to offer our support to you in finding an appropriate solution to the Chalkpit issue.  What can we do in Woldingham to help the campaign?  If volume of objections, data gathering etc is required we will be able to rally the village around this important village issue; we are keen to do what is needed to find the right answer to this for Woldingham and Oxted.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
Councillor Becky Rush (on behalf of Woldingham Parish Council)

WebmasterWoldingham Parish Council comments on Chalkpit Lane