Woldingham Parish Council Grants

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Hello Residents!

The Parish Council budgets £5,000 per year to support projects led by residents or community groups. An example of a previous grant is equipment for the playground on The Glebe. Typically we allocate £50-£1000 to projects.

We allocate money in our October meeting so please return this form before 15th October 2018 to moc.m1537857897ahgni1537857897dlow@1537857897krelc1537857897.hsir1537857897ap1537857897.

DON’T BE SCARED OF APPLYING…… the attached form is to help you apply, it doesn’t need to be a huge document. We just need the core information of what the money is for and how it will help the Woldingham community. Feel free to reach out to get support in doing this.

We are here to help your great ideas to become reality and improve our community.

> View and Print the WPC Grant Request Form

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