Woldingham Parish Council News – March 2018

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Junction of Bug Hill, Halliloo Valley Road and Woldingham Road
Woldingham residents will be only too well aware that the junction at the bottom of Bug Hill has been the source of a number of accidents – so far, fortunately none involving loss of life.

The Parish Council has been working for a while with our Surrey County Councillor, David Hodge, to create a safer road layout for this junction. A professional safety audit has been conducted, and concluded that the key issues needing addressing are the speed with which traffic travelling East enter Halliloo Valley Road and the fact that traffic turning right from Halliloo Valley Road and that turning left from Bug Hill are often on a collision course.

Although it is very uncomfortable to turn right into Halliloo Valley Road, the key issue here is again the speed of oncoming traffic, together with limited visibility. The latter has been mitigated by keeping the hedge on the inside of the corner trimmed and this will obviously continue.

At the Parish Council meeting on 31 January, the Parish Council decided from a number of options designed by Surrey Highways for improving the junction and agreed the best one for our needs. By the time the work is completed, it will probably be 18-24 months from now, but the detailed planning is now complete and it remains only to have the work scheduled.

What will happen is that the bank on the right of the picture will be built out to the dotted line on the corner, so that the entry point for Halliloo Valley Road will be close to where the existing centre line for that road is. There will also be a traffic island placed roughly where the existing “Give Way” triangle is painted on the road. The entry from Bug Hill to Woldingham Road will be brought out to where the single dotted line on Woldingham Road currently sits.

The result of this work will be that the Bug Hill and Halliloo Valley Road junctions will be physically separated by a bank, and that traffic travelling East on Woldingham Road will have a much more pronounced corner, whether or not they are turning left into Halliloo Valley Road. If they are, they will have to turn the corner before entering and will have to do so at a much-reduced speed as it will no longer be possible to “straight line” the entrance.
Councillor Jecks

Welcome your new Councillor
Michael Thurgood joined the Council on 31 January 2018.  Michael and his wife Catherine moved to the village in 2013, both of them having grown up near Bromley via a few years living in SW London. Michael originally qualified as a barrister and has since qualified as a solicitor, currently working for a bank in the City. Michael and Catherine were joined by their daughter Jemima in the summer of 2016. When not spending time with his family, Michael is often found playing some form of sport, most likely hockey for hi uni alumni team or golf (badly) at North Downs.

Safety Concerns are a Priority
Woldingham Parish Council is prioritising safety and we are hard at work on various issues around the Village.  Amongst the many works in process are our pursuit of solutions for the flooding on Woldingham Road (and other areas), the dangerous junction at the bottom of Bug Hill, the potential for cats eyes to improve road safety, and the design of parking on The Crescent. We will update in more detail as these issues resolve.

Woldingham residents have long expressed concerns about speeding on our roads.  The WPC is currently assessing a number of vehicle activated speed signs for either end of the Village.  These signs would either display the maximum speed or the actual speed of the driver’s vehicle.  Watch this space and our upcoming newsletter for the final proposal – although you will no doubt see it on your roads before it hits the printed paper.

Residents will also be aware there have been a number of break-ins on Church Road near The Station.  Of course we all need to remember to leave nothing in view that could tempt opportunistic thieves. But we are working to improve vehicle security. We are currently reviewing a number of  CCTV options for Church Road that would deter thieves as well as help as catch them.  Again, more details will be shared as soon as the solution is finalised.
Councillor Sherry

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