Parish Council News Update – June 2018

Webmaster Parish Council

Springtime Hedge Pruning

Last year I wrote a short article for this magazine regarding hedges and trees and the need for thoughtful management.

Now Summer is upon us we can see the usual spurts of growth and the greening up of vegetation that we long for during those cold and sometimes bleak Winter months. It seems prudent at this time of year to remind the diligent Woldingham resident that hedges bordering roads and verges and public footpaths require attention to stop them encroaching on the said thoroughfares. In some cases, the encroachment is dangerous as it is near junctions and access roads that hinder the driver a clear view of the road he or she is attempting to navigate.

As a Parish Council, we have a strong community bond and the considerate resident can do their bit to ensure our village is maintained to a standard that is considerate to others and pleasing to the eye. So once again, over the coming weeks and months survey your boundaries and please trim where necessary. It not only looks managed but is also a major plus for the motorist or pedestrian as he/she passes your property.

Cllr Nick Langley

Flags and more Flags

Woldingham has a beautiful flag designed by Kirsten Rosenberg. We will be framing this flag and displaying it in the Village Hall for all to see. Meanwhile, we are seeking an additional flag that is full-sized and double-sided, to be displayed on the flagpole at appropriate times. Janine Battersby has agreed to run the competition for the Parish Council. More details will be available in the next magazine and on the Woldingham website and the Woldingham facebook page so watch this space…..

Cllr Deborah Sherry

Road Repairs and Safety

We are pleased to report that many road repairs are taking place in Woldingham. After the harsh winter weather, the number of potholes across Surrey has more than doubled. Surrey have a plan to repair them all and have diverted highway crews to do so. Normally there are 12 teams working on pothole repair, but with the highway crews diverted to help on the pothole repairs, 28 teams around Surrey are devoted to this activity.

The Ridge and Northdown Road will be repaired this summer. The cats eyes on the Ridge will not be replaced as the road is not wide enough and will not sport a central line but will have a white line on each side of the road. This should have the effect of calming traffic as one must have regard for oncoming vehicles on what looks like a single track road. Please do take note that the process will take time. When chipping is down it takes time to settle. So please, save your car and the road from damage but driving a maximum of 25 miles per hour.

The Halliloo and Bug Hill junction work progresses. Surrey County Council have allocated monies to making this junction safer as per the plans we shared some months ago and David Hodge will advise when the works will be taking place.

Cllr Deborah Sherry

Corner of Croft and Station Road

The Parish Council were concerned by the actions of an unknown resident(s) placing logs, twigs and stones on the faded double yellow lines at the corner of Croft Road/Station Road. This was escalated to Surrey CC who have removed the rubbish on more than one occasion. The placing of the rubbish has actually, on one occasion, delayed the lines being repainted! We would ask residents to show restraint and escalate via the appropriate channels when dealing with issues of a similar nature.

We are taking further action as we share residents concerns and frustrations on the parking issues at school times and will provide a further update shortly.

Cllr Michael Thurgood

WebmasterParish Council News Update – June 2018